Monday, December 8, 2014

Some Of The Best Fall Fragrances

Best Fall Fragrances For Women

Rose d'Arabie by Giorgio Armani – If you’re a fan of the scents released from the damask rose, patchouli and golden amber then this is a fragrance you would like. The creator of this unique perfume describes it in four words ‘like a desert melody.’

Carven Le Parfum by Carven is an authentic perfume with floral scents such as that of jasmine, white hyacinth and sweet pea. A must have for those who enjoy light flowery scents on their skin.

Honey By Marc Jacobs is a blend of fruity scents of mandarin, pear, honeysuckle plus honey and vanilla. An ideal fragrance to give one a radiant and vibrant feeling and smell heavenly.

Fleur De Chine By Tom Ford is a sophisticated floral fragrance ideal for nighttime wear. Made from a blend of fragrances found in tree peony, hua lan flower, magnolia and star jasmine. 

With fall comes the wear of jeans and thanks to the company Salsa women have the option of wearing perfumed jeans this fall.

The company Salsa has introduced a new line of jeans that come in a variety of scents such as strawberry, apple, blueberry, lemon and orange scents.

Women who love to don a pair of jeans can look forward to wearing fruit scented jeans that come in blue orange yellow pink and green colors. The company’s website claims that the jeans can be washed upto 20 times before the fragrance wears off.

The jeans can be purchased at a price of $50 each from Salsa’s website.

These fruit scented jeans are designed in such a way that it gives a perfect close fit to the waist and legs.

The Best Cologne For Your Man This Fall

Colognes can be divided into 4 main fragrances. They are the musky scents, spicy scents, citrus scents and the ones with floral scents.

Musky scented colognes release a heavy strong fragrance which many a woman finds irresistible. 

Ferrari Essence Musk, Burberry Touch for Men, Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Rodriguez for Him Musk and Hugo Boss BOSS The Collection Wool & Musk are some good musk scented colognes for men.

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