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Tips For Choosing A Bra

How To Measure Your Bra size

It's important to choose the correct bra size for a good support and best comfort.

Measure your band size and cup size before you set out to purchase a bra.

Band size is the measurement taken around the rib cage under the bust. If the measurement you get is a fractional number round it off to the nearest whole number.

For measurements having an even number add 4 inches and if it’s an odd number add 5 inches.

How To Choose A Bra

If you have a petite bust select demi cup bras/balcony-style bras to get a fuller and curvier shape.

For uneven and large breasts go for full cups/underwire bras as these types give better support and comfort.

For T-shirts and light sweaters choose seamless bras to get a smooth and even look.

Select seamed bras to wear under blouses, suits and heavy sweaters to get a shapelier look.

Bras should be replaced every 6 to 8 months since this is the period bras being to stretch.

Types of Bras

We can select bras for different occasions such as:

Sports bra for sports and fitness activities.

Push up bra to give a good lift and support plus comfort.

Full figure bras for ladies who need a perfect support and coverage.

Underwire Bras specially designed to give a lifting effect for those who wear large cup sizes.

Top Bra Brands
  • Barely There
  • Calvin Klein
  • Chantelle
  • Goddess
  • Le Mystere
  • Natori
  • Panache
  • Sassybax
  • Simone Perele
  • Spanx
  • Wacoal

Exercises to Firm Up A Sagging Bosom

What causes a sagging bosom? Bosoms do not have muscles but only ligaments. When these ligaments are stretched the bosom will start to sag.

Bosoms droop for a number of reasons. For example, certain activities a woman does may put pressure on the breasts by pulling it down. When this happens the ligaments will stretch. Old age is another reason for a sagging bosom.

Chest exercises have become a popular way to strengthen bosom tissues and ligaments. Listed below are a few such exercises which should be done in combination with each other for maximum results.

Make sure to wear a bra which gives a good comfortable fit when doing these chest workouts.

Bench press - Do 2 sets of 12 repetitions.

Push-ups - 2 sets of 15 repetitions.

Dumbbell Flyes - 2 sets of 15 repetitions.

Types Of Lingerie

Clothing which falls under Lingerie are:
  • Baby Doll (Negligee)
  • Bras
  • Boy Shorts
  • Bustier
  • Camisole
  • Chemise
  • Garters
  • Garter Belts
  • Teddy

Baby Doll (Negligee)

In 1956, actress Carroll Baker played the role of a ‘19 year old virgin’ in the movie ‘Baby Doll’ in which she wore a loose fitting nightgown. It was from this movie the lingerie got its name ‘baby doll.’ It was also the nightgown worn by the actress that inspired the creation of the modern baby doll lingerie.
Baby Doll Poster


The invention of the bra goes to as far back as the 19th century for this was the period when people were coming up with designs similar to the bra we wear today.

In 1859, Henry S. Lesher from New York introduced ‘a bra like device’ and four years later in 1863 Luman L. Chapman from New Jersey created the ‘corset substitute.’

In 1876, Olivia Flynt, a dress maker presented the ‘true corset’ also known as the ‘Flynt waist.’ But it was France’s Herminie Cadolle who is recognized as the person to create a bra in 1889 similar to the ‘modern bra.’

Backless Brassiere

In 1913, Mary Phelps Jacob living in New York was getting ready to attend a dinner party when she found the whaleback bones of the corset she was wearing could be seen sticking out from her evening gown.

She removed the corset and with the help of her maid stitched a bra using two silk handkerchiefs’, a pink ribbon and a chord to wear under her gown. This led to the creation of the ‘Backless Brassiere’ which the U.S. Patent Office issued a patent for on 3rd November 1914.

Boy Shorts

In the late 1990’s a new line of women’s underwear was introduced which were called ‘boy shorts.’ It was similar to the male short and many found it more comfortable to wear when lounging around at home than the bikini styled panty and thongs.

It also became a popular bed time wear during warm nights. Boy shorts can be found in cotton, silk and satin with lace trimmings and cute ‘ribbon bows.’


The ‘bustier’ is a type of lingerie which lifts up the bust to make it look bigger and tightens the waist area to make it look smaller.

When buying a bustier make sure to purchase one which has the same cup size as that of your bra. This ensures the bustier will give a correct and comfortable fit.


A camisole is a loose fitting sleeveless top with ‘spaghetti straps’ which can end at the midriff or at the waist made from cotton, silk or satin.

Camisoles are usually decorated in lace trimmings and ribbons and sometimes comes with a built-in underwire bra.


The word chemise is derived from the French word ‘chemise’ meaning ‘shirt.’
It’s a loose-fitting, sleeveless piece of lingerie which extends to the mid-thigh usually made from silk or satin fabrics with lace trimmings and ribbons.


Garters became a famous clothing accessory for both men and women during the 18th and 19th century as it was ‘tied below the knee’ to keep the stockings in place.

The wedding garter originated in Europe where it was common to find brides wearing it. A popular tradition was for the groom to toss the garter worn by the bride into a crowd of unmarried male guests after the reception.

Today it's still one of the pieces of lingerie donned by most brides as well as an accessory sometimes worn with other pieces of lingerie.

Garter Belts

Garter Belts are suspenders which are attached to stockings to prevent it from slipping.
There are two main types of garter belts. One type is the kind that has to be worn around the waist before it can be attached to the stocking. The other comes attached to the panty.


In the 1910’s a one-piece undergarment was launched for women and it was called ‘camiknickers’ since the top was similar to a camisole and the bottom to knickers.
It was a popular underclothing until 1940 when only a handful of women would occasionally wear it.

50 years later in 1990 the camiknickers showed up again but this time it was called a ‘teddy' and not only was the length shortened but the designs were more elegant and stunning too.

History of the Lingerie

Old Fashioned Lingerie

Lingerie is basically the re-creation of the corset, the undergarment worn by women in traditional times.

Women would wear their corsets laced tightly for this was the fashionable way of donning it during that era.

‘Tight lacing’ was frowned upon by many as they argued it forced the waist and rib cage to shrink and in some cases caused the ribs to crack.

Around the 19th century a British fashion designer by the name of Lady Duff-Gordon began designing stunning corsets which did away with tight lacing.

Other designers followed suit and the traditional corset was replaced with less restrictive undergarments which were also more comfortable to wear.

History of French Lingerie

The French went a step further and created lighter, softer and smoother underclothing with beautiful eye-catching designs using the lace produced from their own country since the 1600’s.

In 1665 schools were set up in France by Louis XIV's minister Colbert to train the French in the art of lace making and it wasn't long before France began producing the finest lace in the world.

French lace is popular even to this day and is used in making many of the laced lingerie which is sold throughout the world.

How To Choose Lingerie For Your Body Shape

Lingerie brings out the splendor of the most beautiful part of the body. For example ladies with a lovely toned derriere would look best in boy shorts and corset lingerie.

Corset lingerie is ideal for those with good cleavage. Women who are have a slight tummy or not so slim waist should also opt for wearing a corset.

Big busted ladies will look nice in teddy lingerie.

Best Brands of Lingerie
  • Princesse Tam Tam
  • Rosie For Autograph
  • L’Agent
  • Calvin Klein
  • Stella McCartney 
  • Bluebella
  • Beautiful Bottoms
  • Huit

Expensive Lingerie Brands

Carine Gilson: $515 – the lingerie is made from the best lace (Chantilly) and silk (Lyon).

Jean Yu: $320 – silk chiffon is used to make the lingerie.

Bordelle: $288 – S&M and bondage style lingerie.

Fleur of England: $182 – elegant designs made from soft silk and lace.

Guia La Bruna: $110 – vintage style lingerie created with mainly silk muslin fabric.

Fox and Rose: $102 – a choice of elegant and seductive style lingerie.

How To Wash And Dry Lingerie

Because lingerie is delicate and made from soft fabric make sure to wash in cool water using a mild detergent. Line drying is recommended since heat from the dryer can damage the fabric.