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Choosing the Right Heels

Women wear heels to make their legs, calves and ankles look more slender and help them look elegant and sophisticated as they walk. But it’s important to know how to choose the correct heels. If not you could end up with blisters and corns and suffer from back pain.

What is the Emma's Heel Height Test 
Source: Emma's Heel Height Test

The Emma's Heel Height Test is a method used by some women to check for their correct heel height.

This is done by sitting straight on a chair barefooted. 

Then raise one leg in front of you and measure the difference in foot placement as shown in the photo on the right. 

For those of you who are not interested in doing Emma's Heel Height Test before venturing out to buy heels follow the suggestions listed below.  

How To Buy Heels

If you’re legs and calves are on the heavy size choose heels which will balance your body and legs such as platform heels and avoid the stilettos types. 

Stilettos heels are ideal for those with slim legs and calves but it should not be worn for long periods of time. 

Thin heels tend to put more strain on the leg muscles when worn for a long time.

If you plan to be walking throughout the day wear 2 inch heels. Place a pair of sole pads inside each heel to cushion your feet. The pads will reduce pain and the formation of blisters associated with wearing heels for prolonged periods of time.

Word’s Most Expensive Stilettos

How would you like to wear a stiletto beautified with sierra satin and decorated with diamonds sapphires and rubies? Well you can do so if you’re willing to spend $3,000,000. This pair of stunning open toed heels was designed by Stuart Weitzman and is called the “Rita Hayworth” heels after the Hollywood actress Rita Hayworth who wore it in the movie Shawshank Redemption. The heels are now owned by Princess Yasmin Aga Khan who happens to be Rita Hayworth’s daughter.

How To Fix A Damaged Stiletto Heel Tip

Some claim a broken heel tip can be easily fixed with super glue.

Others will use a set of pliers to hold the heel tip and move it left and right and then pull it out. Once the damaged heel is removed insert the new heel tip by gently hammering it using a tack hammer.

Foot Care Tips

Make sure to get a pedicure and a foot massage once a week as this will ensure your feet gets the treatment it needs to stay healthy and also keep the foot and calf muscles in good physical shape.

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Bindi Designs

The Bindi is a popular ancient forehead decoration worn by women and girls in Sri LankaNepal and India

Meaning of Bindi

Bindi comes from the Sanskrit word ‘bindu’ meaning a 'dot.'

A bindi is also known as a pottu, 'tika', 'sindoor', 'tilak', 'tilakam', 'bindiya’ and 'kumkum.’

The Bindi was initially a red color dot placed in the center of the eyebrows but eventually new designs were introduced which were made from jewelry or displayed a sign.

Bindis were traditionally applied using tikka powder, kum kum or vermilion powder. But today sticker-bindis made of velvet with glue on one side can be bought in various shapes and sizes.

What does the Bindi signify?

The red colored bindi symbolized honor, love and prosperity. It was a custom for married women who were Hindus to wear a red colored bindi during her married life but once her husband departed she could no longer do so for she was considered a widow. Instead she wears a black colored bindi with a white sari which is the standard attire worn by widows. Unmarried girls would also wear a black bindi.

Bindi and Hindu Caste System

In a number of villages in India people are known to would wear different color bindis to identify to which caste system they belonged to.

For example the Brahmin who are considered the highest caste would wear bindis prepared from white sandal wood to signify purity.

The Khatriya caste who belonged to the group considered as Kings and Warriors plus Administrators would wear red color bindis.

Those who belonged to the Vaishyas caste who were made up of business men wore a bindi in the color yellow which meant prosperity.

The Sudras who are considered as the lowest caste adorned their head with the black color bindi since they were considered those who did labor work.

Bindi Facts

The bindi is placed between the eyebrows for this is an area connected to the sixth chakra, the area of wisdom and concentration. The sixth chakra is known as the 'agna' meaning 'command'

Some mothers will place a black circular shaped bindi on the forehead of their baby. Such mothers believe by doing this their babies will be protected from evil spirits.

Those who were followers of god Vishnu would wear a red color V shaped bindi with white inside.

People who worship god Shiva would wear a bindi with three horizontal lines made from ash powder.