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Women’s Handbag and Purse

The Chatelaine bag

A unique antique belt purse which many a woman would wear in the 19th century in certain parts of the world was the chatelaine bag.

What is a chatelaine?

The chatelaine was a clasp or hook that could be fitted to the waist of the dress/ garment a woman wears. The chatelaine would have a chain/chains or a chord/chords attached to it which could be connected to a bag/pouch. Some women would use a chatelaine to hold their household keys while others attached their watch, household seal, thimble or scissors plus a variety of other small items that they frequently used.

The Reticule Handbag

The reticule was another interesting looking small purse designed similar to a pouch with a drawstring made from fabric like silk and rayon which a number of women carried during the 18th century and well into the 19th century.

Some describe the reticule handbag as a purse that was shaped like a pineapple.

The popular handbags used by women this day and age are the:
  • Tote
  • Satchel
  • Hobo
  • Pouch
  • Bucket Bag

Saddle shape handbag

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Bucket Bag

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The clutch purse is another accessory women use especially when attending functions and parties during the evening since it gives an elegant look to their evening wear.

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Handbag Rules

When sitting at a table with others one should never set their handbag or purse on the table. This is considered rude.

Always lay your handbag or purse on an empty chair which is next to you, on your lap or on the ground next to your feet (leftside).

Only hang your handbag on the chair if your back is facing the wall.

How to care for your handbag

When you first purchase you bag or purse inquire from the saleslady/man who sold you the bag if it’s okay to spray scotch guard on the bag. Some people spray scotch guard when they first buy their handbag or purse as its believed to give a protective coating to the bag thus minimizing the damage done to the bag in the future from moisture and heat.

Store the handbag or purse in a pillow slip or dust cover.

A leather handbag and purse should not be exposed to rain and sun. The leather will peel and crack when it comes into contact with moisture and heat. Use a leather conditioning cream to clean the bag at least once a week. Never apply the cream directly onto the leather but instead apply it first to a cloth before rubbing it on the leather.

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